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How to use Zoom Meeting basics for online meetings-learning

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How to use Zoom Meeting basics for online meetings-learning

by ritcha filterfar » Thu Jul 22, 2021 9:26 am


Zoom Meeting, one of the most used online video call meeting program during Work from Home, which allows organizations to have a meeting with many people at the same time. talk face to face Can share the screen for others to see. Students can also use Zoom to study online. But for anyone who hasn't used Zoom before, today we're going to teach you how to get started.

How do I start using Zoom Meeting?
To use Zoom Meeting for attendees It can be used both as an account application and without applying for an account. The advantages of applying for an account are Users will be able to set up profiles. Enter personal information (as illustrated below), including setting up a meeting room. You can sign up for a Zoom account at zoom.us.

Accessing Zoom Meeting on a computer for the first time is Will be able to enter the meeting room or create a meeting room immediately via the zoom.us website. In the first use, the system will automatically download the Zoom program to install. Or you can download it yourself at the Download page.

For mobile applications, both iOS and Android, download the Zoom Meeting app from the App Store and Google Play.

How to join a Zoom Meeting room

1. First, open the Zoom app or open the zoom.us webpage and click the Join a Meeting button with or without login account.

2. Then enter the meeting ID of the room you want to attend. (must request from the room builder) and fill in our name that you want to be displayed while in the room. (If using a login account, go into the name on the profile page) and then click the Join button to be able to enter the meeting room immediately.

3. If the meeting link is received from the room creator Will be able to click the link and press the Join Meeting button immediately without having to open the program or the Zoom web page first.

How to create a Zoom Meeting meeting room

1. Must create and log in to Zoom account first, then open Zoom program and click the New Meeting button on the Home tab (or the Meet & Chat tab in the mobile app) or click the Host a Meeting button on the zoom.us webpage.

2. Once the meeting room has been created, press the Participants > Invite button to invite other people to the meeting. You can choose whether you want to invite via email, phone or other channels, but if you want to copy the link to send to others to join the meeting room, click the Copy URL button below.

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