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A total of 9 things that every home should buy.

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A total of 9 things that every home should buy.

by ritcha filterfar » Fri Jun 11, 2021 9:27 am


When talking about things that should be in the house, what do web friends think of? Some people might think of essentials like a first aid box, dry food, or spare light bulbs. But some people may think of things that they use often, such as hand tools, sports equipment, or books, each of which has different uses and for today, in the home, I would like to collect 9 items that everyone should have. stay at home Each item is easy to find. It is a daily necessity that we can buy in general stores. But I can assure you that these items will increase your convenience and safety for sure. Let's go see.

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1. Anti-slip mat in the bathroom
The bathroom floor is still wet. It can cause us to slip and have serious accidents with us. Therefore, it is better to buy an anti-slip sheet and attach it.

2. Plant pots planted in the house.
Decorate the room with various plant pots. Help make the room look alive. Connecting nature into the home

3. Fire Extinguisher
No matter how careful we are But accidents can always happen. Buy a fire extinguisher for your home. Better together than you, everyone.

4. Apron
Aprons are a great choice for anyone with frequent visitors at home. because in addition to saving the cost of tissue paper The apron also has a soft texture. Very good for the user's skin.

5. Emergency kit
No one can tell whether events or disasters. When will happen, so we have to be prepared to deal with all the time. especially the preparation of complete equipment whether it is a living equipment first aid box and semi-finished food

6. Lamps provide illumination during the night.
It's not just your baby's room that needs a lamp to light up during the night. But adults' rooms and corridors should be equipped with lanterns along the way. To prevent accidents dangerous to residents

7. Natural cleaning products
Natural cleaning products are essential household cleaners, such as dishwashing liquid and glass cleaner. because in addition to being friendly to the environment It is also user friendly.

8. Light switch with adjustable brightness
Adjustable light switch Most of them are installed in the child's room to provide light for the baby. But some people prefer to stick it in private rooms. to create a warm atmosphere inside and help save energy at the same time

9. Vacuum cleaner
The vacuum cleaner is a lightweight device. easy to clean It can be used anywhere, under the carpet, under the sofa, or on the shelf.

Which family is still missing? Don't forget to buy it for your home.
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ritcha filterfar

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Re: A total of 9 things that every home should buy.

by CodyJackson » Fri Sep 03, 2021 3:44 pm

I agree 100%, every home should have every single one on your list. However, we also need to properly manage our waste. Good thing I have hired someone to handle my house wastes and my business's waste. They use this software called Probill that automates the payment and invoice of their service.
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Re: A total of 9 things that every home should buy.

by crazycoder » Mon Nov 15, 2021 5:36 pm

The first thing you need to buy is a house )) ok, returning to the topic this is a nice list of things. At least main list.
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