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Aging makeup tips For people who want a child's face

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Aging makeup tips For people who want a child's face

by Lika » Tue Feb 23, 2021 7:51 am


Born woman Surely love beautiful, love beauty is normal But to be beautiful as anyone sees it has to look back Until my eyes were hidden I wonder how old she is. Why does he look so young? Must have techniques to help as well Which we would also recommend to reduce age makeup Anyone who wants a kid's face must try it.

1. Use a liquid concealer

When I get older Wrinkles are clearly visible. Therefore, it can make up to look younger. Must use a concealing technique with a concealer do It is recommended to use a liquid concealer. Because it has a smooth texture that is easy to spread without leaving any annoying traces in the skin And also long-lasting as well

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2. Avoid lip writing.

Highlighting the lip Even if it looks outstanding See the edge of the mouth clearly Looks beautiful Which is suitable for young people But for young people who have started to age Should avoid lip liner. Because it will highlight the traces around the lips more clearly But if you girls like to write on the lips To increase confidence It is recommended to choose a light-colored lip liner With the same shade of lipstick Will help camouflage them to look younger as well

3. Do not apply the eyeliner too thick.

Women with small, immature eyes can use eyeliner to help them grow bigger eyes. But should write in moderation Not too thick Because it may make it look older than your age

4. Curl lashes to curl up.

Foreign experts There are tips to recommend you young women aged 35 years and over that should curl eyelashes. Bounce every day Because it will make the eyes look beautiful, bright, lively, a charm to the people who see it And if you apply mascara as well Will make your eyes look round More beautiful and sharp, many times more

5. Choose a hairstyle that makes the kid's face

Hairstyles are an important part that does not lose makeup at all. It is advisable to choose a hairstyle that makes the face look younger, such as a high school haircut or a short alleyway, but make sure to choose one that matches your face shape as well This will not make the face look younger.

When you know some good techniques to make your face look younger Do not forget to put it into practice. Let's see. By another important thing that will help the child. And look younger Is to get enough rest Eat all 5 food groups and exercise. As well as being comfortable and relaxed, you will have a younger face.
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