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Dizziness is common with long-term self-remedies.

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Dizziness is common with long-term self-remedies.

by ritcha filterfar » Tue Dec 01, 2020 7:42 am


When you get up quickly, you may experience dizziness and dizziness.There are two types of dizziness, each with a different cause. But .. joker123 the type of dizziness. What are the differences between lightheadedness and vertigo types? And how can you relieve the symptoms yourself?

What is dizziness?
The word "dizziness" is a term most commonly used by both medical practitioners and non-doctors. But from a medical point of view, it's an ambiguous term. Because when it comes to the symptoms of "dizziness", each person may have a different meaning. This depends on the type of dizziness they're talking about.

So if you and your doctor want to know why you have vertigo. The first thing you and your doctor need to do together is to determine what "dizziness" means. This is considered important to doctors in both the symptoms and the procedures that doctors will use to assess symptoms.

There are two types of general dizziness, with different symptoms and causes. The differences between the two types of dizziness are as follows.

1. Dizziness Lightheadedness
It is not uncommon for you to experience brief dizziness from time to time. Usually, this type of dizziness occurs when you stand up too quickly. Wake up too early

Symptoms will occur only a short time, the symptoms are caused by a temporary drop in blood pressure. It is because normally the cardiovascular system will adjust to the change in this position in 1-2 seconds, then the dizziness disappears. Which this kind of dizziness is not much worrisome As long as you exercise caution To avoid falling

However, if the dizziness persists And still have symptoms that occur frequently or as severe as the symptoms of unconsciousness That's a promise, it's time to get a medical evaluation. This is because there are many important medical conditions that can cause severe stupor. And it is important to find the cause of the symptoms.

Common causes of Dizziness Lightheadedness include

Dehydration with flu, vomiting, diarrhea, or after exercising Without adequate compensation for water or bodily fluids
Blood loss Which may happen without your knowledge Especially when bleeding in the digestive tract
Anxiety Or stress
Use of alcohol, cigarettes, or certain drugs
Various arrhythmias
Other heart failure conditions such as heart failure
Autonomic nervous system (Dysautonimia)
Conventional fainting (Vasovagal syncope)
Due to the possible causes of type dizziness Lightheadedness There are many and they vary. Evaluating people with this condition can be challenging for doctors.

However, some of the reasons for this could be dangerous. The correct diagnosis is therefore important. In general, if your doctor is taking a detailed medical history. And doing a thorough physical examination will find clear clues, so a medical test is the best choice to detect the cause of vertigo. Lightheadedness

2. Vertigo dizziness
Vertigo, simply called "vertigo," is often caused by problems with the inner ear, such as an ear infection or Meniere's disease. It can also be caused by conditions that affect Brain stem, such as multiple sclerosis Or stroke

Vertigo is more common than vertigo. Lightheadedness This is because there is often a medical cause that can identify the symptoms that occur. It's also a symptom that should always be evaluated by a doctor.

However, if you have dizziness in combination with blurred vision, numbness, tingling. Or muscle weakness That could be a sign of a serious neurological problem, and it might be more likely. Vertigo dizziness should be treated as an emergency.

After the doctor took a complete medical history and examined. And found that it is likely that additional symptoms may need to be assessed The doctor may also use a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan. For the best diagnosis and treatment of vertigo dizziness
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