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'Satellite 5P' measures air pollution to help warn people on

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'Satellite 5P' measures air pollution to help warn people on

by pandara66 » Mon Nov 30, 2020 7:24 am


Two hours after being launched into Earth orbit from a Russian launch pad, the Sentinel 5 Precursor, or 5P for short, contacted the satellite's ground station in Sweden and Canada.

The satellite was created in collaboration between the European Space Agency ESA and Airbus Defense and Space.It is one of several satellites of ESA's Earth monitoring program known as "Copernicus".

One of the three functions of this satellite Is to monitor air pollution levels that are above the level Measuring the damage to the ozone layer And the persuasion of people who do not believe that human activity is the root cause of global climate change.

Ralph Cordy of Airbus Defense And Space said the project wanted to สล็อตstudy whether greenhouse gases are pollutants. Where did the origin come from? How is it related to human activities? And also study the pollutants that occur naturally

He said there were concerns about gases such as sulfur dioxide. Nitrogen dioxide and methane because these gases have an impact on the Earth's atmosphere. And involved in various activities Of people on earth

The main device on the new satellite, called the Tropomi, is a very advanced camera. Can measure changes in the earth's atmosphere by comparing the sun reflected from the earth's atmosphere. With those that come from the sun directly And this camera has a higher image clarity than in the past.

Thomas Trautmann of the German Space Exploration Agency said the resolution was extremely high. It will enable the team to study and analyze small pollutants over large cities. And various city groups Effectively

It takes only three hours for the server of the satellite 5P to turn the stored data into useful information. Especially people suffering from allergies Cardiovascular disease and asthma to take precautions to reduce the health effects of air pollution. The collected data is also used in scientific research.

Thilo Erbertseder of the German Space Exploration Agency said the Sentinel 5 Precursor satellite will help the team analyze air pollution trends in cities. With more details And it can be considered that the satellite is a tool to help combat air pollution.

In addition, a team of scientists is also developing mobile phones, smart phones and applications on the website. To help ordinary people at risk of health effects from air pollution. Receive timely warnings about rising air pollution levels

The 5P is the predecessor of the Sentinel 5 satellite, scheduled to be deployed in 2021 or over the next four years.
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