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Scientists worried! Artificial intelligence may pose a threa

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Scientists worried! Artificial intelligence may pose a threa

by pandara66 » Thu Nov 19, 2020 9:25 am


The advent of artificial intelligence, or AI, has dramatically changed the face of science around the เกมยิงปลา world. But the latest report collects data from scientists in countries that have developed artificial intelligence systems around the world. Expressed concern that AI advances come with unexpected threats

Recently, we have seen the potential of artificial intelligence or AI to detect the buzz that terrorist groups have created online. With 94 percent accuracy, which is considered to be the use of AI technology to help make society safer

But every technology There is always another side of the coin as well ...

Last year, the University of Washington released a clip of an interview with former US President Barack Obama, but this is not a simple clip. Because it is a fake clip created by the AI ​​system through learning the former president's speech gestures like the real person

Closer than that Is a cyber threat Known as Phishing attacks on the online world is ingenious. By forging emails or creating fake messages To trick victims into revealing sensitive information such as credit card numbers, ID cards, or passwords in order to gain access to personal funds or resources.

Shah Arvin, co-author of Artificial Intelligence Threats Report From the University of Cambridge explained that Artificial intelligence systems may now be used. To create a phishing email that simulates a person's identity. Since interest Writing style to communicate with outsiders Or communicating with close people Until able to create fake messages to fool the target audience to read or follow

Another AI-driven technology is the development of self-driving cars. Where many automotive companies have plunged into fierce competition To win the master of this cutting-edge technology

But Mr Avin looked different. We may get a car that is as good as it is. Or better than human control But if the automobile manufacturers can not fix glitches such as the classification of traffic signs that are very similar It could allow us to get a safer autonomous vehicle for the driver. But without social responsibility

The report also warned that drones or robots. Controlled by an artificial intelligence system May be seized by malicious hackers or used as a weapon. Or can call for ransom

In the near future, AI systems will play an increasingly important role in the military. One of which is drones and killing robots. This AI expert from the University of Cambridge is concerned that whenever we use robots and artificial intelligence in warfare instead of fully human use. Massive transmission of information will take place. Which humans cannot analyze or process much information like that And rely on AI-processed decisions that human beings may no longer have a meaning to decide.

This report is a collaboration of 26 artificial intelligence experts around the world. It's not just focusing on the negative aspects of AI, it just emphasizes the importance and awareness of the technology that can be extremely useful and find protection if it gets into the wrong hands.
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