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Tips for choosing to buy cosmetics safely

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Tips for choosing to buy cosmetics safely

by ritcha filterfar » Mon Nov 09, 2020 4:56 am


Before choosing to buy a piece of cosmetics Besides beauty benefits, value and price, safety is also important for women to remember. Because at present there are many substandard cosmetics being sold in the market Using these poor quality products can cause unexpected side effects on the skin condition, so women should pay special attention to when choosing makeup. This article has collected various tips for choosing to buy cosmetics to leave each other as follows.

Clear label

Make sure that the product to be purchased has all the details on the label as specified by the FDA. To prevent the purchase of illegal cosmetics that may contain dangerous ingredients Choose a product that clearly has a product label and a registered number from the FDA. In which consumers should choose cosmetics that have a Thai label And specify all necessary information, including name and type of cosmetics Substance used as ingredients Method of use Net content No. Production number shown. Year of manufacture Notification number And various warnings In addition, you can check online cosmetic product information at joker To prevent impersonation and fake registration

Reliable production source

Choosing to purchase cosmetics from a reputable retailer is another thing that should not be overlooked. They should choose to purchase products that clearly have the name and location of the manufacturer or importer on the label. Because if the purchased cosmetics have problems or are not up to standard Still be able to contact and request the responsible person

It does not contain any prohibited substances.

Some of the chemicals used as ingredients in cosmetics can be harmful to health. Some consumers may have allergies, hair loss, asthma symptoms. And may be at risk of cancer The FDA has announced a list of prohibited substances that are forbidden to be used as an ingredient in cosmetics, namely mercury, hydroquinone, steroid and retinoic acid.

However, the cosmetic FDA number is just a description of ingredients in cosmetics only. Some consumers may be allergic to certain ingredients in cosmetics. Additionally, there is a possibility that the manufacturer will secretly add banned substances later on. Consumers should use test kit-cosmetic from the Department of Medical Sciences. To check whether the purchased cosmetics contain dangerous substances or not. Or, you can test for allergy before using it yourself easily by applying a small amount of cosmetics onto your arm and leave it for 1-2 days. But if used then there are abnormal symptoms Should stop using immediately

Packaging is not damaged.

Containers used for cosmetics, it is another thing that should be taken seriously. Consumers are advised to purchase cosmetics with containers and packages that are in good condition without any cracks, cracks or damage as well as good storage Not in hot, humid or direct sunlight. Because cosmetic packaging with the cap that does not tightly or has cracks may be contaminated with bacteria.

Knowing this, ladies should take the precautions above and study the makeup thoroughly before making a purchase. Because the use of counterfeit and substandard products may cause allergic reactions and various health problems. In addition, allergy testing should be performed before use. Do not share cosmetics with others to prevent the spread of germs. And stop using the product immediately and see a doctor if you find any abnormal symptoms after using any cosmetics.
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