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Napoli collapsed Udinese 5-1 up to the Serie A crowd.

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Napoli collapsed Udinese 5-1 up to the Serie A crowd.

by limited » Wed May 12, 2021 3:32 am


Napoli rises to the top of the Serie A Italian Serie A after opening a 5-1 attack against Udinese.

The Italian Serie A Cup 2020-21 season between Napoli opens the Diego Armando Maradona stadium to receive the visit of Udinese.

Napoli's best slotxo performance, the last game, attacked Spezia 4-1, making it unbeaten in the league for 6 games, moved to 4th place.

On the Udinese side, the form is not consistent, the last game opened at home Jao Bologna 1-1, making the last 4 games win a single game. But this season should not have any hope

The results show that the first half to the 28th minute, Napoli had a 1-0 lead goal from a stroke that Victor Osimhen had slipped in the penalty area of ​​Udinese goalkeeper Juan Musso. Save it comes into the way of Piotr Cielinski, repeatedly enters the net

Then, in the 31st minute, Napoli escaped 2-0 from the moment Piotr Cielinski got the ball on the right side before paying back to the penalty area for Fabian Ruiz to elaborate on the left. The curved ball is inserted into the triangle beautifully.

Up to the 41st minute, Udinese chased a 1-2 when Rodrigo Depol passed the ball for Stefano Ogaka, flipping a right shot in the penalty area. Before ending the first half with this score

The second half of the 56th minute, Napoli led 3-1 away from Irving Losano's diligence who ran to snatch the ball from the opponent until it fell into the penalty area before pressing with the right highlight. Don't miss it

At the 66th minute, Napoli fled as far as 4-1 from a stroke, kicking a corner on the right, Piotr Celyinski opened the ball into the penalty area. So pushed in to Giovanni di Lorenzo after repeatedly.

Into the injury minute 90 + 1 Napoli led 5-1 away from the beat with the right from the outside of the box of Lorenzo Insigne.

At the end of the game, Napoli beat Udinese 5-1, increasing to 73 points, rising to become second to the crowd, while Udinese has the same 40 points. Falling to number 12
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