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What is distance education?

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What is distance education?

by lincolnmullis » Thu Jan 20, 2022 8:31 pm

Distance education or distance learning It is a process of education, which is built on the principles of telecommunications. The purpose of this training format is the implementation of educational programs and ensuring the assimilation of knowledge and skills by students without reference to any geographical point or time. Through distance education, one can easily organize and provide independent training or retraining of specialists, self-education of any categories of people without exception.
The distance education format eliminates the need for close contact between students and teachers. It also does not require the physical presence of the subjects of educational processes in the classrooms.

Distance education technologies
Speaking about distance learning technologies, it is worth noting that they are mainly tied to:
  • virtual media. These are e-mail, educational portals, other means functioning thanks to information communication networks;
  • methods based on the technical aspect of information exchange.
Today, the most promising distance learning technology is the interaction of teachers and mentors with students through telecommunication networks. At the same time, the Internet and computers, including portable communication devices, are actively used says writers from the https://writemypapers.company/ writing service.
Students and teachers within the framework of distance learning can communicate by phone, instant messengers, social networks, as well as through video conferencing and more.
Benefits of distance learning:
  • wide availability. Through distance learning, you can get any knowledge, being anywhere in the world. There are no geographic barriers;
  • flexibility. Most of the materials provided by any particular program involve self-study. Hence the consequence - the possibility of studying a particular discipline, field of knowledge, preparing for tests or exams when it is convenient for the student;
  • no need to be away from work or family. The schedule of self-education can be easily adjusted to the schedules of other things, combine distance learning with work, family affairs and leave time for your favorite things;
  • saving effort and money. Compared to traditional educational formats, it is important to note that distance learning is a great way to save not only effort, but also money. Students do not have to rent apartments for living or settle in dormitories, pay for transportation and meals. They can access the learning materials at any time from anywhere. The same is true for teachers, as well as mentors: they do not need to visit classrooms, prepare for lectures and do other routine work. It is enough to work out the program once, record training videos, prepare additional materials and develop tests or exam questions;
  • specificity of knowledge. A person undergoing distance learning receives only specific knowledge. Deepening into the area “near practice” or into the area “near important theoretical knowledge” is not expected. All materials within the framework of distance learning - only on the merits;
  • relevance of knowledge. The program of any remote course can be adapted to real conditions, to the actual state of affairs. Without reprinting books, without preparing and editing manuals. Without routine, bureaucracy and monotonous actions;
  • modularity. This is one of the basic principles of distance learning, and at the same time it is a significant advantage over traditional methods of conducting educational activities. Modularity literally implies the splitting of the distance course program into separate blocks and units within these blocks. The phased development of individual units, and then blocks, is a guarantee of a high level of understanding and assimilation of not only the theoretical knowledge gained, but also practical skills.
Nuance: not all benefits are valid for the case of schooling. Also, they do not work in the case of some higher education institutions. There, there is a binding to time, a break from the usual activities is necessary.

Distance learning
A format that provides the possibility of unhindered and problem-free functioning of mass continuous self-learning systems. Additionally, using remote education technologies, it is possible to provide a general exchange of information without being tied to a specific time or a specific place. One of the key features of the distance format, which is important to note, is the widespread use of information technology says https://writemypapers.company/edit-my-paper/ writers. This has already been noted.
The events of recent years have shown that advanced training and additional training for employees of enterprises, regardless of their field of activity, by remote means is not only a popular, but also a highly effective method says https://writemypapers.company/buy-assignment writers. This is due to the presence of remote communication technologies a number of undeniable advantages. Distance education also works for other categories of people, that is, for anyone interested in education.
The current stage of human development meets all the criteria of the so-called informatics era. We can say that this era is based on the principles and technologies of telecommunications. The field of distance learning is also based on them. Through it, you can not only organize effective educational processes without being tied to a specific time or place, but also ensure a high level of accessibility of knowledge for specialists or beginners, regardless of the features and nuances of the scientific field, discipline or direction.
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Re: What is distance education?

by Thomas Ernest » Sun Feb 06, 2022 2:48 pm

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Re: What is distance education?

by sherwini » Tue Mar 22, 2022 7:14 am

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by Kaylapich » Wed Jun 29, 2022 5:39 am

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