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cervical itching Inside things every woman should know

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cervical itching Inside things every woman should know

by ritcha filterfar » Fri Jul 30, 2021 9:36 am


One annoying disease for women one of them is itching in secret In public, it can be very annoying and worrying for girls because they can't scratch that part in front of others. This disease is considered a common disease in women, some may have a lot of itching. Some people may have less itching. Or some may have other symptoms together, all of which are caused by anything. And what are the warning signs of disease? Today, the dot com jar has information for the girls to study.

cervical itching It may occur for a number of reasons as follows:

vaginal yeast infection
There will be itching around the cervix or vulva. And there may be an unusually cloudy white discharge as well. Most of the time, this problem is easily caused by dampness. This can be treated by taking medication. or inserting a fungicide into the vagina

allergic to sanitary napkins
Some brands of sanitary pads may not be good for some women, causing allergic reactions. Most of these allergic reactions tend to have a rash on the genital area along with itching around the cervix. This can be solved by switching to a different brand of sanitary napkins. And should change sanitary napkins often when menstruating.

It is a fungal infection. It can occur from taking birth control pills or taking antibiotics for a long time. vaginal douching or pregnancy These can cause the fungus to grow, causing the cervix to become inflamed. There will be a rash and itching around the cervix is ​​very cloudy, some people may have a burning pain when urinating. or pain while having sex

Infected by sexual relations
For example, candida, a type of fungal infection that can cause severely itchy cervix. This type of fungus is called "Sathiam". If there is a genital infection, there will be a lot of vaginal discharge. and the genitals are inflamed Resulting in severe itching followed. This can be treated by using an antiseptic suppository around the vagina.

Trichomonas infection
Trichomonas It is another disease that can be caused by having a sexual relationship. The symptoms are greenish white discharge. And there is a foul smell, along with a very intense itching. Some people may even have pain in their genitals. Can be treated by taking antibiotics to kill parasites. However, when it is recovered, it may be again. Therefore, there should be treatment for the male side as well.

For people with this disease will have itching on the skin. have a fungal infection especially around the vagina of women This may cause itching.

Knowing the reasons that may cause itching in the secret area However, it may not be possible to determine exactly what caused your symptoms. However, if you want to be sure and want to recover from itching. Piggy.com recommends that you girls go to a specialist doctor for the best check. in order to be able to treat it to the point and that itching will disappear faster

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