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6 accessories that are more useful than just beauty

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6 accessories that are more useful than just beauty

by ritcha filterfar » Wed May 05, 2021 10:41 am


Whether it is an old car or a new car, if it falls into the hands of people who love to decorate the car, then I can assure you that it will definitely be different from the original condition. But it will be very less depending on the budget and people at home to make out how much to make out.
Of which various decorations There are many types, models, and many different grades and prices are separated according to quality of use. In addition, some accessories are not good, just to add a handsome, cool and beautiful. But there are other uses More to come as well.

In which this time we would like to collect the main decorations ดาวน์โหลดjoker That most people prefer to wear each other Along with the benefits that will receive as follows

1. Rubber bumpers, bumper rubber skirts, rubber skirts or depending on the call. For this accessory In addition to making the car look shorter Looks cool without loading. And it looks like a bumper tongue Another benefit of it is that Helps to prevent shocks and marks that will occur on the bumper. Or the skirts of your car, such as falling, up-down the hill, the way up-down the mall, the steep slopes that have to crawl, or slowly side-by-side the car to pass it, etc., which can provide a good level of protection. One ever And this decoration Can put only one piece of the front bumper Or can be worn around the car Up to your budget

2. Soundproof tires or car noise reduction tires Some people may think that it is not important. But believe it, it is really useful. It also helps to make the interior of the cabin more playful. And for the benefit It can help reduce the outside noise. Whether it is the sound of the wind Engine sound Or noise from other cars, etc.

3. Shock absorber, many people would probably know each other well. Especially the fast line Because almost all cars are attached to each other Which in addition to being handsome and cool when opening the bonnet and showing the engine In fact, it is even more useful than that. As it reduces the twisting of the body while cornering. Able to transfer force between the suspension. Making it a better grip on the road

4. Exhaust pipe, some people wear it, take it out, make it sound like a loud sound, sound the field or put a big leaf at the end of the rainbow, etc. And is a must-have item for any car moderator But if it will be good, it is better to choose to wear in moderation, not noisy or disturbing the villagers. The part that changes but the end of the pipe This one just allows for better exhaust ventilation a little. Makes me feel that I have better accelerated But if so better Must be done in full order Or the one quoted in the whole set Made from the headers to the end of the pipe. Recheck the whole line This one is called the real thing. Has seen more horsepower

5. Various gauges are available in almost every custom car. Both gauges are separate. Or a better version, it is a single gauge, measuring all inclusive Which has seen many models, many brands, the advantages of it, in addition to being cool, is Can be used Measure various functions Of the engine If any abnormality occurs Can check in time (Some car brands may reduce costs There are no certain gauges to use. Some cars have to be attached)
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Re: 6 accessories that are more useful than just beauty

by Olivia Davis » Mon May 10, 2021 4:06 pm

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