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Chef career is another one in Thailand.

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Chef career is another one in Thailand.

by ritcha filterfar » Sun Nov 29, 2020 8:25 am


Career Chef The meaning of the word chef in English is the head chef for a large kitchen with many departments. Chef is not a direct cook. Because the position of the cook in front of the stove The spatula is the real chef, while the chef has a broader meaning. Is the overall kitchen manager

Chef career 1
Another profession of chef with good income and robot cannot replace it.
When there is an order or food order coming in Chef is the system manager where the chef and the chefs work together to finish the dish. Starting from exploring the ingredients that you need to use, both fresh, dry, and seasoning. Various spices Assign duties to each team. And followed up on the completion of the program and came out smoothly and surely Must be delicious

Occupation chef Chef
The chef's kitchen management must include the ability to make the most of the ingredients available, not to waste it or leave it to spoil. Including checking and keeping the kitchen in a hygienic condition No residual waste No food stains are spilled. Or allow animals to infest even flies, these things chefs must pass on to the team to develop good skills that directly affect the reputation and corporate image.

Chef career in kitchen management
For large kitchens such as in hotels Chefs are divided into several levels. To help manage each department, including chiefs, deputy head of units such as vegetable unit, fish unit, sauce unit, roast-grill unit, or bakery unit, etc. There is also a revolving chef who acts on behalf of the heads of various units. When any one needs to take a break And there is a general assistant chef With a novice chef who is a team Young age and don't have any skills

Food chef career
Nowadays, there are restaurants that place more emphasis on setting up the kitchen area to show their cooking techniques and ingredients to the eyes of customers. In the manner of an open kitchen This is in contrast to the general restaurants that keep the food behind or closed. It is not easy for outsiders to enter and it is of course open kitchen. Chefs are another way of attracting customers. Until now, the profession of chef has become the main area for showing cooking skills and designing food for customers. Rather than just cooking food to order from customers.

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Re: Chef career is another one in Thailand.

by SeanKimbrough » Wed Dec 02, 2020 8:45 am

If you have a passion for the kitchen, you like to cook and constantly come up with something new and you are ready to devote your life to this, then the chef is your calling! I have another calling, I want to become a scientist, write dissertations.
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