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Feel there - inferiority complex What is the cause?

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Feel there - inferiority complex What is the cause?

by ritcha filterfar » Tue Nov 24, 2020 7:27 am

In most cases, people are Feel inferiority It is often the result of a bad childhood experience, and it creates bad memories. Negative feelings Or even a bad experience Buried in the heart Which this effect can affect until adulthood Besides a bad experience Already in childhood There may still be several reasons that cause I feel there is an inferiority today. you have picked up this matter

Cause Feel inferiority
Alfred Adler, Australian psychologist Is the first person who describes inferiority complexes In the early 1990s, he believed This anomaly is compensated Which means A person who displays a certain behavior To compensate for the negative feelings they have If someone is unable to successfully refute inadequate beliefs about themselves They may also have the development of inferiority complexes.
Alfred Adler thinks these reactions begin in childhood. He believes that babies who feel helpless and disadvantaged try to overcome those emotions. With a higher level of development This cycle of humble compensation follows children throughout their lives as children become more aware of their shortcomings. And compare yourself with others They will begin to think that they have an inferior complex. Which encourages them to push out certain actions Moreover, experts believe Some factors or factors can cause a feeling of inferiority, in addition to the theory Alfred Adler outlined. To feel knotty Still caused by various things To be discussed in the following Which is the most common cause

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Childhood and adulthood experiences
Childhood and adulthood encounters For example, a child who constantly hears disagreement about behavior or ability. May develop negative beliefs about oneself Which gets worse over time Where adults can get the same kind of experience This can lead to self-talk and trying to hurt your feelings. If negative self-image occurs in many areas of life, it will eventually develop into an inferior complex.

Mental health conditions
Some people may be prone to developing an inferiority complex, for example, those with low self-esteem and pessimism. There is always a risk of feeling incapacitated. While humble feelings can be real or imaginary But if you have a bad mental health condition You may not be able to recognize and refute mistakes or self-harm. For example, people with a history of depression are more susceptible to it. Which leads to the development of feelings of inferiority

Physical challenge
People who want to overcome themselves because of physical deficits May be prone to a feeling of inferiority. By the physical deficits are

The height
Facial or body features
Alfred Adler cited Napoleon Bonaparte as an example of a person who felt inadequate due to their physical appearance, the short stature, now commonly known as the Napoleon Syndrome or the Napoleonic Complex (Napoleon Syndrome). Napoleon Syndrome or Napoleon Complex) "

Social disadvantage
People who grow up with social disadvantage There is often a feeling of inadequacy, for example, people of low socioeconomic status. May be prone to a feeling of inferiority.

Social or cultural norms
Social or cultural ideals can stimulate inferiority, for example, the perception that women should have a perfect and balanced body. It may be a trigger for feelings of inadequacy in some people.

Connection with childhood
Too strict parenting It may make someone feel like they are inadequate. For example, a parent telling their children "You are not good enough" may cause their children to have feelings of failure rooted in their hearts that will never go away. That may result in them doing either too much or less work. It depends on how they responded to what was said.

For other situations It can cause a feeling of inferiority later on, such as peer pressure, teasing a brotherly rivalry. And other experiences In childhood that can make young people feel weak and helpless.

Symptoms of people Feel inferiority
For the symptoms of people who feel inferiority that can be easily noticed. Which if they try to observe themselves carefully And found that he began to have these symptoms It will help them get rid of the inferior node. The symptoms of people who feel inferiority include

They avoid social integration
Because of their fears in their imagination of social groups People with high inferiority tend to be uncomfortable if they are in large groups. Because they fear that others may soon notice their weaknesses. And humiliating them, so people who feel inferior tend to have trouble building new friendships.

Fear of failure
They suffer from that careless fear They are unable to perform certain tasks as well or as effectively as others, so they feel embarrassed and anxious to perform anything at a party. For example, many women are afraid of singing. Or dancing in front of other people Although they can do the same very well in their own personal space. Because they suffer from their own subconscious fear of being mocked by others.
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