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Covid-19 makes people go back to talking to their ex.

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Covid-19 makes people go back to talking to their ex.

by ritcha filterfar » Mon May 31, 2021 9:33 am


Today there's an interesting story to know about COVID-19, but not about vaccines at all. But it was about relationships, he said, that Covid-19 made more people talk to their ex. Plus more arguments with his girlfriend

The main factor is social media.
Since COVID-19 emerged, it is undeniable that social media is what we spend the most time on. Of course, it makes it easier for us to communicate. There is research that couples, despite having to be separated. But social media makes it happier as well.
However, research from Kinsey has conducted a large percentage of the participants in one in five trial groups that revealed that they became more in touch with their ex. This may be due to anxiety, curiosity, and some from feeling jealous in a relationship.

Jealousy in a relationship?
This jealousy arises in response to a relationship in which a third person enters. It's easy to call the feeling of jealousy when you lose something. If combined with other research, it is quite interesting. The author previously read that during COVID-19 More and more people are divorced. And it has links with social media like Facebook.

Facebook may give us pictures of our exes or people we have spoken to. Can make us become jealous Another factor is the ambiguity between the relationships. Many people do not set their status to create their own thoughts. There are many factors that cause jealousy and hope. In conclusion, it was interpreted by itself that caused doubt. And this doubt that leads to finding answers And perhaps finding that answer will bring things up.
In addition to returning to shine or talking with your ex The research also suggests that couples may be more jealous and check each other more than usual. And is likely to follow and shine in other platforms as well

Survey responders suggest that This problem could lead to serious arguments. The best way is to have a direct conversation. Do not let doubts distrust each other. And, of course, you should spend a little less time on social media. Probably the best

This problem may be caused by nostalgia. The empty space is too much, causing it to go back and shine. As we have more time to spend on social media, we have a curiosity. This story details the nostalgia that came from COVID-19. Covid makes us think about normal life. It gives us the importance of things that we have never seen. You can follow it at INN Lifestyle before you leave. Is there anyone who feels that he or she has returned to look at your ex?

News source: joker gaming
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Re: Covid-19 makes people go back to talking to their ex.

by lenni8 » Tue Dec 07, 2021 1:17 pm

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